Help at Home

child with hand upThere are many ways you can assist your child’s learning outside of school. Below you can find a selection of resources and exercises you can try with your child at home.

In addiction you may wish to consider:

  • There are many Apps available that can assist with learning at home e.g. Numberjacks, Bugs and Numbers, Andre Brodie Mental Maths, Squeebles.
  • Fun games including numbers like Monopoly or Snakes and Ladders can assist with numeracy.
  • Also look for numbers everywhere in your environment, these might appear when cooking, shopping or telling the time.

Phonics for Year 1
Mr Thorne has designed a range of youtube films to assist younger children with phonics. Watch his channel here.

Accelerated Reader Bookfinder

Handwriting pack

Maths Calculation Policy
Mastering the Maths curriculum
Maths advice for parents
KS1 Bare necessities – A set of Maths games created by Wiltshire Primary School.
KS2 Bare necessities – A set of Maths games created by Wiltshire Primary School.
Mathematical Vocabulary Guide
Maths Hub support during school closures
Useful websites during school closures 1
Useful websites during school closures 2
Home Learning Recommended Maths List

Timetables Cards – Print them out and use them at home. TIP – when you print them, click print and then click the downward arrow next to ‘full page slide’ and select 2 or 4 to a page. This will make the cards smaller.

  • Practice the table with your child for 5 minutes each day. It is important to say the whole table and not just the answers again and again and again.
  • Break down each table into manageable chunks
  • Work on pairs of tables e.g. if learning the 2x timetable the doubling method can assist with calculating the 4x timetable.
  • Test your child by firing questions at them, out of order, reminding them they can use facts to work out trickier ones e.g. if they know 4×6=24 than double to find 8×6.
  • Revisit previously learned facts to check they still remember these.
  • Use a range of vocabulary e.g. times, multiplied, sets of, lots of.

1XTable Cards
2XTable Cards
3XTable Cards
4XTable Cards
5XTable Cards
6XTable Cards
7XTable Cards
8XTable Cards
9XTable Cards
10XTable Cards
11XTable Cards
12XTable Cards

Download our spelling pattern posters below