Online Safety

Staying safe online is really important to us. Miss Bown is the Computing Subject and Online Safety Leader. She also leads the Online Safety Group in school who meet to monitor and improve our online safety in school.

eLIM logoAs a school, we follow the brilliant ActiveBytes online safety curriculum created by Somerset eLIM (please see further details at the bottom of this page about the curriculum). This progressive curriculum builds our understanding of staying safe online as every class regularly takes part in a dedicated online safety lesson related to one of the three key themes:

  • I am kind and responsible
  • I am safe and secure
  • I am healthy

Goldilocks coverSince we value our school’s understanding of online safety so highly, we believe that the teaching of online safety should not be limited to discreet lessons. We ensure that this topic is frequently approached in lots of different ways. Whole school assemblies are led by Miss Bown supported by the computing team, we make time for class discussions which promote pupil voice, we take part in national events such as Safer Internet Day and we read books around the topic of online safety. Two of our favourite books are #Goldilocks and Chicken Clicking.

Clicking Chicken coverOur online safety efforts are monitored regularly using the 360 safe self-assessment tool and we hope to work towards an accreditation in the future.

360 logo

Online Safety at Home

In the event of a bubble or school closure, there will inevitably be an increase in a dependence in technology in order to access home learning or indeed home working. In the right hand menu are some resources which may be helpful. Although the sites have been checked for suitability, the school cannot be held responsible for their content and parents are advised to make their own checks.

It may be a positive discussion to have a look at a ‘Family Agreement’ for the safe and healthy use of technology at home. Below is an example family agreement that you could adopt or adapt to suit your own family: SSE Example of family agreement for technology in the home

eLIM Online Safety Active Bytes – Healthy Habits Posters

Yellow = EYFS
Pink = KS1
Orange = LKS2
Green = UKS2

Yellow Active Bytepink active byte

orange active bytegreen active byte

Where to go for Support

Staff at North Curry Primary School are committed to providing support to our school community. Please speak to your child/ren’s class teacher/s if you would like support regarding anything related to Online Safety.

Explore the links below offering advice and support for keeping safe online.

Helpful Resources

Net Aware partnership between NSPCC and O2 provides a detailed yet easy to digest guide to any game, app or website you may hear about. Simply search to learn about aim of the game, app or website in addition to finding the official age rating and the overall safety rating. This information – along with a range of safety tips tailored to your search – is a brilliant way to begin an informed and open conversation to agree appropriate and enjoyable games, apps and websites with your family.

The London School for Economics provides a detailed blog to support ‘Parenting for a Digital Future’. Regular posts cover topics in current news, research and reflections.

Safe Search Engines

When searching online, use child-friendly ‘safe searches’. These search engines have been recommended by eLIM Somerset’s e-learning and management support team.

While every effort is made to ensure that these search engines produce appropriate responses, it is of course essential to monitor children’s use of the internet. It is crucial to encourage open and honest discussion should children come across something that makes them feel unsure or uncomfortable. Every class in school strongly encourages the message that children must talk to a trusted adult if they come across something online that they are unsure about or that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Reporting an Online Safety issue

In the first instance, please report any concerns you have about online safety to Miss Bown as the Online Safety Lead and/or Mrs Morley as the Designated Safeguarding Lead.

If you have any further concerns about online conduct these can be reported to Child Exploitation and Online Protection.

Reporting Harmful Content

Follow this link if you would like advice about recognizing harmful content. Use this flowchart to find out who can help you.


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