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I can listen carefully to a piece of music.

How did you get on with drawing and labelling your cars?

Today I would like you to follow the link to a piece of music - Short Ride in a Fast Machine by John Adams.


Watch the first video and as you do listen carefully to the music and watch the orchestra playing.

How does it make you feel?

What instruments can you see?

What is it about the music that gives you the impression  of speed?


I can create a piece of art in response to music.

Can you create a piece of art- drawing, painting how the music makes you feel?

You might want to listen to the music again.

You could write words to describe the sounds, rhythms,emotions, playing, that you can hear/feel.


Follow up.

Read more about the composer on the link.

Design your own fast machine.

Imagine you are speeding along in your fast machine. What can you hear, see, feel? Create some fast rhythms using home instruments or make up your own percussion with household objects or body percussion.



30 Days Wild- Random Acts of Wildness!

This month the Wildlife trusts run 30 days wild.  It is part of a campaign to get more people engaging with nature.

If you follow the link below your family can sign up and get a pack full of lots of brilliant ideas!

Do some random acts of wildness!



Wildlife Wednesdays!

Below is a link to a Wildwatch You Tube channel with lots of fabulous ideas to help wildlife.


A brilliant resource.

Also have you been watching Springwatch on the BBC? 

This link will take you to where you can check out some of their previous videos.


Always remember though to check with mum and dad when searching online and tell an adult if something pops up that you were not expecting.

Have fun!

Wednesday 3rd June (pm)

Bonjour tout le monde. Comment t'allez vous? (How are you?)

Tres biensmileyyes, comme ci, comme cafrown, ca va malsadno


Its looking a bit grey today and I am hoping for some rain for my garden.

Our science topic this half term is plants. I know that several of you have been growing your own plants so you will probably know lots about this already.

Follow the link below to bbc bitesize and complete the activities.


Then you can check out these other clips to find out more about plants.


Plants compilation.



The lifecycle of a plant.



Plants are living things.



Root and shoot growth



Finally how about drawing some of the plants around you at home.

Think carefully about the different parts of the plants and what their important jobs are.

Or make a model of a plant to go in the garden. Lots of sculptors do just that.

Don't forget to take pictures!



Monday 1st June

Gosh everyone, another month gone!

I hope you are all keeping well and sun-safe in this glorious sunshine. 

My garden is very dry and I'm having to invent ways to make sure plants don't get scorched by the sun. Strange structures and sculptures may be appearing- UMLO

(Unidentified Ms Limm Objects) to try and create some shade. Please send me any designs or ideas you may have to help.

I hope you are ready to get back to some learning! We have a great design technology project this half term, to design a moving vehicle. So I hope you will all have a go and it will be great to see what you have been up to. 

Take care,

Ms Limm.

P.S. I am putting several days work up at once for some subjects, as I am in school two days this week.









We are continuing with 2D shape this week following the Oak Academy homelearning. Extra challenges and worksheets will be attached below. 


I can revise angles.



I can identify perpendicular lines.



I can draw perpendicular lines.



I can identify and explain parallel lines.



I can revise parallel and perpendicular lines.




Extra activities

Check out bbc bitesize

What is an angle?



What are parallel and perpendicular lines?



What makes a shape symmetrical?




Monday 1st June

1.Test yourself on your last spellings.

Prefixesanti   and ex

LO:  to recognise and spell prefixes anti and ex and understand how these influence word meanings.


ex = outside / outside of

anti = against


Read through your spellings for this week and use a dictionary to check the meaning of each one.


Group 1

Group 2

Group 3


































Tuesday 2nd June

Which word?

Copy and complete the sentences below with the correct spelling word fom the box below.

  1. Please make your way to the …………………… at the rear of the plane.
  2. In winter you need to put …………………….. in your car radiator.
  3. Please may I …………………….. this t-shirt for a bigger one?
  4. The ……………………. of a house can be made from brick, stone or wood.
  5. I am going to ……………….my rabbit hutch by adding a new pen to make it bigger.
  6. If you are ill the doctor may prescribe you an ……………………….
  7. Hurricanes, tornadoes and blizzards are types of ………………………. weather.
  8. The sound of the ………………..could be heard for miles!


    exchange       explosion         exit       antibiotic  

     exterior      antifreeze        extreme              extend



How many words of 3 letters or more can you make from the letters in the boggle grid in 10 minutes?

Which one of this week’s spelling words is in the grid?
























Clue- they are very loud and can cause a lot of damage


Wednesday 3rd June

I can dot ,dash and count words

Copy out each of your spelling words and work out:

  1. How many letters are there in each word?
  2. How many sounds there are in each one?
  3. How many syllables (claps) for each one?


Play four in a row with an adult or sibling


Thursday 4th June

Spot the mistakes!

Look at the spellings below. Can you pick out which spellings are mistakes and which ones are correct.






































Finish the mnemonic (memory rhyme) for the word of the week or make up one of your own.



      E      Eight

      X      Xylophone   

      T     Tapping

      R      Red

      E      Emus





Guided Reading/Independent Reading

I have attached three guided reading texts below. Please choose one to read and answer questions about. This can take two days and the rest of the week do some independent reading as usual.




1. I can research a sportsperson.(2 days)

2. I can write a fact file about a sportsperson (2 days)

3. I can write a nomination for a sports personality.(1 day)

This week I would like you to write a fact file and nomination for one of your favourite sports personalities. You will be nominating them for sports personality of the year so will need to do some research to find out more about their lives,training and sport.

You will also need to think about why you are nominating them.

What is it about them that is so inspirational and makes you feel that they deserve the award?

Below is a link to a Newsround page you might like to check out some of the news for sports personalities for 2019


Remember - it can be any sport or sportsperson that inspires you. I'm always amazed at the Winter Olympics, watching the skiers and snowboarders performing in the'Big Air' competitions as well as those competing in the bobsleigh and skeleton bob races. I also like watching tennis, show jumping, motorbike racing, athletics, rugby and kayaking. And how inspirational are so many of our para - Olympians? So many sports! Have fun researching online safely and I look forward to finding out who you have chosen.


Design and technology

I can design and make a toy car/vehicle.

Look closely at a toy car or other vehicle. 

How many parts can you see?

How are they joined together?

What are the parts called?

How do they work?

Draw a diagram of the toy car and label the parts that you know.

Check out the car labelling worksheet to help you fill in more labels.

How could you find out how the different parts work?

Begin thinking about designing your own vehicle.



I can create a family collage.

Collage is one of my favourite ways to make a piece of art as you can use different materials to create different effects. 

Watch the bbc video below and think about making a family collage to go on your wall or for someone you may not have seen for a while. 

Include family photos, drawings, short messages or inspirational quotes. 

Don't forget to send me a picture of the final product.



My daughter often does this for friends and family as a birthday present and they have become treasured possessions.


Have a good week off!                      

                                          " I am not lazy! But I do need a name. Can you help?"


Reading- 100 fun indoor activities.

Acts of kindness

Acts of kindness 1

Wildlife Websites

Check out these websites.

The Somerset Wildlife Trust one contains loads of brilliant ideas for things to do linked to wildlife. Ways to encourage them in your garden, lovely spotter sheets ( I just discovered the names of two ducks I didn't know, Gadwall and Pochard!) and lots of craft and other projects.




Again contains activities to do at home as well as information about lots of endangered animals.




P.E  Your choice.

Joe Wicks videos.

Mr B's challenges.

Get out in that lovely fresh air and exercise!

Take care to wear sunscreen if it is hot outside as the UV rays are quite strong at the moment. 

Have a good day!


Check out Mr Wright's topic resources again and have a go at another task.



The History of Sport

Hello Starfish Class!

I'm glad to see that you're all doing well and I've really enjoyed looking through all of your photos (that lemon drizzle cake looks delicious Jacob!). It's great that you're all enjoying yourselves and making the most of the sunshine. Below I have attached some tasks all about the history of sport. There is plenty to work through here so I would recommend doing one task per week. Keep up the great work and I hope to see more pictures!


Mr Wright


Minecraft resources

We were recently told about this and I know some of you play minecraft and thought you might be interested.

"Minecraft have released a free educational centre, (maths game, human body, coding with robots etc). You go into market place - the education centre - download games to tablets"



For those of you who love nature and science this could be the magazine for you.

It contains lots of facts and articles about nature with no adverts! 






Home Learning Pictures

Breaking news ! More photos from Harry.

Breaking news ! More photos from Harry. 1
Breaking news ! More photos from Harry. 2
Breaking news ! More photos from Harry. 3

William's Photos

William's Photos 1
William's Photos 2

Ozzy's photos

Ozzy's photos 1
Ozzy's photos 2
Ozzy's photos 3
Ozzy's photos 4
Ozzy's photos 5
Ozzy's photos 6

Tyler- Jae's photos.

Tyler- Jae's photos. 1
Tyler- Jae's photos. 2
Tyler- Jae's photos. 3
Tyler- Jae's photos. 4
Tyler- Jae's photos. 5
Picture 1

Jacob's Fab Photos

Jacob's Fab Photos 1
Jacob's Fab Photos 2
Jacob's Fab Photos 3
Jacob's Fab Photos 4
Jacob's Fab Photos 5
Jacob's Fab Photos 6
Jacob's Fab Photos 7

Check out Charlie's Photos.

Check out Charlie's Photos. 1
Check out Charlie's Photos. 2
Check out Charlie's Photos. 3
Check out Charlie's Photos. 4
Picture 1
Picture 2

Home Learning Photos.

Home Learning Photos. 1
Home Learning Photos. 2
Home Learning Photos. 3
Home Learning Photos. 4

Home photos - Arthur

Home photos - Arthur 1
Home photos - Arthur 2
Home photos - Arthur 3

Home photos-Rose

Home photos-Rose 1
Home photos-Rose 2
Home photos-Rose 3

Discovery World Log In.

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Welcome to Starfish Class!


Starfish Class

Starfish class is made up of lots of kind, caring, mindful Year 3s who are taught by Ms Limm 

Starfish classroom is in the main building and looks out onto the playground.


Who's Who?

Mrs Limm- Class Teacher




Giga-Byte Award


What's it like to be in this class?

When you come into our class you will see us using our Growth Mindset attitudes to learning. We believe in the 'Power of Yet' - we might not be able to do something yet, but with effort and practise, we will soon be able to!

We also embrace our mistakes because we know we learn from them, and one of our favourite sayings is: "Have you made a wonderful, glorious mistake today?" 


What do we like to do?

We love reading and talking about stories! We also enjoy History , R.E and Science. We enjoy our mindful 'Brain Breaks' during the day as they help calm us down and prepare our brains for learning. 


How do we make sure the children are learning?

Within our bright and colourful classroom you will find helpful learning walls. These help the children as they work and learn. Our English and Maths displays show the children their learning steps and objectives which we share at the start of each lesson and refer to them throughout the lessons. We also encourage the children to use them to complete their self-assessments at the end lessons.

There is regular and often detailed marking of work, including the use of 'next steps' ideas and peer assessment.  The children also use green pens to show they have edited their work and used the feedback from teachers to improve their work.



On Mondays Spelling homework is sent home for the children to learn for their test on the following Monday.

On Fridays Maths homework, which supports our learning in class that week, is sent home in a Homework Folder which is to be returned by the following Friday. 


It is really important that we read at home regularly too! If we read 4 times during a week we get a golden ticket. At the end of each half term a golden ticket is picked out of our 'Golden Box' to decide who will win a book token.


Partnership with Parents

Parental support is encouraged in Starfish class to enable parents to share in their child's learning. Each Friday we give a certificate to someone who has really impressed us in our 'Show and Share' assembly, which parents are invited to attend.

We have an 'open door' policy where parents are welcome to come and discuss any worries or concerns.


Please find below copies of our Information letter, Timetable and Curriculum Jigsaw detailing the topics we are covering this term.


Mr Bulbeck's Home Exercises Key Stage 2 PE




The Rural Life Museum.

The Rural Life Museum. 1
The Rural Life Museum. 2
The Rural Life Museum. 3
The Rural Life Museum. 4
The Rural Life Museum. 5
The Rural Life Museum. 6
The Rural Life Museum. 7
The Rural Life Museum. 8
The Rural Life Museum. 9
The Rural Life Museum. 10
The Rural Life Museum. 11
The Rural Life Museum. 12
The Rural Life Museum. 13
The Rural Life Museum. 14
The Rural Life Museum. 15
The Rural Life Museum. 16
The Rural Life Museum. 17
The Rural Life Museum. 18
The Rural Life Museum. 19
The Rural Life Museum. 20
The Rural Life Museum. 21
The Rural Life Museum. 22
The Rural Life Museum. 23
The Rural Life Museum. 24
The Rural Life Museum. 25
The Rural Life Museum. 26
The Rural Life Museum. 27
The Rural Life Museum. 28
The Rural Life Museum. 29
The Rural Life Museum. 30
The Rural Life Museum. 31
The Rural Life Museum. 32
The Rural Life Museum. 33
The Rural Life Museum. 34
The Rural Life Museum. 35
The Rural Life Museum. 36
The Rural Life Museum. 37
The Rural Life Museum. 38
The Rural Life Museum. 39
The Rural Life Museum. 40
The Rural Life Museum. 41
The Rural Life Museum. 42

Sculpture Making

Sculpture Making 1
Sculpture Making 2
Sculpture Making 3
Sculpture Making 4
Sculpture Making 5
Sculpture Making 6
Sculpture Making 7
Sculpture Making 8
Sculpture Making 9
Sculpture Making 10
Sculpture Making 11
Sculpture Making 12
Sculpture Making 13
Sculpture Making 14
Sculpture Making 15