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Welcome to Starfish Class!


Starfish Class

Starfish class is made up of lots of kind, caring, mindful Year 3s who are taught by Ms Limm 

Starfish classroom is in the main building and looks out onto the playground.


Who's Who?

Mrs Limm- Class Teacher




Giga-Byte Award


What's it like to be in this class?

When you come into our class you will see us using our Growth Mindset attitudes to learning. We believe in the 'Power of Yet' - we might not be able to do something yet, but with effort and practise, we will soon be able to!

We also embrace our mistakes because we know we learn from them, and one of our favourite sayings is: "Have you made a wonderful, glorious mistake today?" 


What do we like to do?

We love reading and talking about stories! We also enjoy History , R.E and Science. We enjoy our mindful 'Brain Breaks' during the day as they help calm us down and prepare our brains for learning. 


How do we make sure the children are learning?

Within our bright and colourful classroom you will find helpful learning walls. These help the children as they work and learn. Our English and Maths displays show the children their learning steps and objectives which we share at the start of each lesson and refer to them throughout the lessons. We also encourage the children to use them to complete their self-assessments at the end lessons.

There is regular and often detailed marking of work, including the use of 'next steps' ideas and peer assessment.  The children also use green pens to show they have edited their work and used the feedback from teachers to improve their work.



On Mondays Spelling homework is sent home for the children to learn for their test on the following Monday.

On Fridays Maths homework, which supports our learning in class that week, is sent home in a Homework Folder which is to be returned by the following Friday. 


It is really important that we read at home regularly too! If we read 4 times during a week we get a golden ticket. At the end of each half term a golden ticket is picked out of our 'Golden Box' to decide who will win a book token.


Partnership with Parents

Parental support is encouraged in Starfish class to enable parents to share in their child's learning. Each Friday we give a certificate to someone who has really impressed us in our 'Show and Share' assembly, which parents are invited to attend.

We have an 'open door' policy where parents are welcome to come and discuss any worries or concerns.


Please find below copies of our Information letter, Timetable and Curriculum Jigsaw detailing the topics we are covering this term.


Mr Bulbeck's Home Exercises Key Stage 2 PE




Maths Revision 3       

Thursday 2nd April

I can count in 4s and 8s.

Practise counting in multiples of the above numbers.

Then practise counting on from numbers which are not in those times tables.

Write the sequences down. Test an adult or older brother or sister.

Can you count on in 4s starting from 3? From 6?

Can you count back in 4s from 38?

Can you count on in 8s starting from 2? From 5?

Can you count back in 8s from 49?

What do you notice? Is there a pattern?

Copy and complete the sequences below. Remember our golden rules!

1. Check the difference between two consecutive numbers first.

2. Is the sequence increasing in value (are the numbers getting bigger) or decreasing in value (getting smaller)?



1.     4, 8, _ , _ ,20, _ , 28, _ , _ , 40 , _ , 48 .

2.     5, _ , 13, 17, _ , _ , 29, _ , 37, _ , 45 .

3.     _ , 40, _ , 32, 28, _ , _ ,16, 12, _, - .

4.     31, 27, _ , 19, _ , _ , 7, 3.

5.    86, _ , _ , _ , 70, 66, _ , _ ,54, _ .

6.    _ , 16, 24, _ , 40, _ , _ , 64, 72, _ , _, 96.

7.   3, 11, _ , _ , 35, _ , 51, _ , _ , _ .

8.   80, _ , 64, 56, _ , _ , 32, _ , _ , _ .

9.  90, _ , 74, 66, _ , _ , 42 , _ , 26, _ , _ .

10. 17, 25, _ , _ , 49, _ , 65, _ , 81, _ , _ .


How did you get on?

Remember to do a self- assessment face.

Keep practising your 4s and 8s!



I can name some body parts in French.

Bonjour tout le monde.

Ca va?    


Watch the first 15 minutes of this video.



It is about body parts so you only need to watch that part today.

Practise saying the words as you watch.


1.I have attached some pictures and cards below that you can use as a matching game, to test your family, or get them to test you.

2.There are also some worksheets to complete.

3.You could make your own cards and label them with parts of the body.

4.You could sing 'Heads, shoulders, knees and toes,'in French.

5.You could lie down on a large piece of paper. Draw around your body and then fill in all the features and label them in French.

6.No large pieces of paper? Then you could lie down on a hard surface outside and get someone to draw round you in chalk and then label.(with permission!)

Don’t forget to take pictures!



o o

o o


o o o

o o

Please find amended table for math's revision example . Website doesn't like to mix text and pictures! Steep learning curve going on here!

Wednesday 1st April

Maths Revision – Place Value Investigation

How many ways?

Put exactly 10 counters on a hundreds, tens and ones mat to make a number.

The difference between your number and 500 must be less than 150.

Your number must be odd.


Example      This is 145, made with ten counters.









 Is it an odd number?       Yes. ü

Is the difference between it and 500 less than 150?     500 – 145 = 355    No x

So 145 does not fit both of the above criteria.

Try other numbers to find those that do fit both.

Level 1: I can find one way.

Level 2: I can find different ways.

Level 3: I know how many ways there are.



Target Number





Using the digits   2, 7, 3 and 5 how many ways can you make the target number?

Can you use all 4 operations?

+   -    x    ÷



Level 1: I can find one way.

Level 2: I can find different ways.

Level 3: I know how many ways there are.





See attached sheets


R.E/ Art and Design

Watch the Easter story on video.



Can you order the story in the booklet provided, or make your own or write it in your home learning books.

I have added some Easter crafts that you might want to print off and try or you could design your own Easter egg or card. Don’t forget to take some pictures to share!



Maths Revision.

Tuesday 31st  March

This week I thought we would revise some of the concepts we have already learned. So today some number line work. We have worked on similar problems in class so try to remember our golden rules for working with number lines.

1.Always check the scale first.

What does the number line begin with/ end with?

2.Plot half way and mark.

3.Think about how big increments like 1s, 10s and 100s would be and roughly plot them.

4.Also begin thinking about tenths.




Picture 1
Picture 2

Number lines

Number lines 1
Number lines 2
Number lines 3
Number lines 4
Number lines 5

Monday 30th March

Hello every body. I hope you are all keeping safe and well.

Here are a few more ideas for home learning. 




Homophones are words that sound the same, have different spellings and meanings. 

There are three different ways to spell there. Do you know what they are?

                           There         Their         They're


There is the most common, it has the word here in it and is most often used for place  - over there. It can also be used with a verb to begin a sentence - There are 10 Easter eggs.


Their is used to show possession, to show that something belongs to or relates to someone or something else. It's their house. We're their neighbours. 


They're is a contraction, a short way of writing they are.   They're(they are) really cute puppies. They're(they are) such nice people.


Have a go at writing some sentences using all three. Test Mum and Dad and see if they're able to decide which there to use in their sentences!



A prefix can be put at the beginning of a word to make a new one.


If we put 'un' or 'dis' at the beginning of a word
it can change the meaning of the word to the opposite.


  like         dislike


  tidy         untidy



Use the prefixes 'un' or 'dis' to make opposites of these words.


    dis       un


 appear     liked      usual


 agreed     covered      fair


Can you use each word and put it into a sentence?


Word game

How many words of three letters or more can you make out of     uncomfortable in 5 minutes?


I have attached your spelling homework below. Don't forget to test on last week's ones and put a comment in your home learning book.



Here are some fun activities on the attached documents that you might want to have a go at to finish off our Roman topic.


Make an aqueduct.

Archaeological dig game.

Making Roman Bread.

Finding out about what the Romans introduced to this country.

Friday 27th March

Hello everybody! I hope you are all managing to get out in the sunshine.

I'm looking forward to hearing/ seeing what you have found out about shadows (science).

If you have any pictures then you can send them to me, with parents permission, to the school office email,  marked for my attention and then we can see what everyone has been doing.

Another great shadow idea is to do shadow drawings. Prop objects up in the sun and put a piece of paper behind them, then draw around the shadow. This works too for people's silhouettes.

You might also want to make some shadow puppets from paper and sticks. Take care with the cutting out.  Then design and make a shadow theatre from a box (Art and design).

Here is a link to a short video on you tube showing you how to make a theatre. Remember to ask parents first and stay safe online.




You could even write a play for your puppets(English -script writing) and act out your play for your family and maybe mum or dad could video it.


There are some simple animal templates below that you can use to make your puppets and also a worksheet showing you how to make various animal shadows with your hands. Or you could use the shadow drawing activity above and use some of your own toy shadows to make puppets. Have fun!



Yes, its that time of week! ... Time for times tables. You can practise on tt rockstars or use one of the many online maths games with permission from your parents. 

Also a couple of handy maths links.

White Rose whose scheme is one of those we use for planning has a home learning area on their website containing videos and activities for each objective. So if you are unsure about something you may want to check it out with a parent.





Is another site which has some good maths and English games.




Wednesday 25th March



I can write tenths as common fractions and decimals.


Can you make a number line like the one below?

























Use your number line to practise counting up and down. Ask someone to test you by asking questions such as…

How many tenths in 0.6?

What is 4/10 as a decimal?

How many tenths are there in 0.8?

What would a ½ be as a decimal?

Then get a counter or coin and practise adding/subtracting tenths to 1 with your number line by moving the counter up and down to find the answers.

2/10 + 2/10 = 4/10   so 0.2 + 0.2 = 0.4

5/10 -3/10 = 2/10     so 0.5 – 0.3 = 0.2

  1.  4/10 + 3/10 =
  2. 0.5 + 0.4  =
  3. 6/10 + 1/10 =
  4. 0.9 + 0.3 =
  5. 0.8 – 0.3 =
  6. 0.7 – 0.4 =
  7. 10/10 – 7/10 =
  8. 6/10 – 2/10 =

Have a go at completing the attached worksheets.


Remember your place value.



Decimal Point







We say this as 24 point 3 and it is the same  as 24 and 3 tenths.

Have a go at saying some other numbers as decimals and mixed numbers.


Reading  Make sure that you are taking time each day to read  some of your reading book.

Spelling Practise your spellings and write an acrostic poem for the word of the week.  Here is mine!  Make sure you record yours in your home learning journal.

v          valiant

a          apes

r           run

i           in

o          obviously

u          ugly

s          socks

Reading Comprehension

A resource which links to the RE is attached.


I have attached some resources about the Jewish festival of Sukkot.

Please read the resources , answer the questions and have a go at making a Sukkot shelter. Take pictures or draw the final result!


I'm looking forward to seeing what you have been up to.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay at home.



Tuesday 24th March


As it is your usual P.E day how about making sure you get some exercise? You can use Mr Bulbeck's P.E advice above or follow programmes online  (remember  the e-safety rules and ask a parent if its okay). Don't forget to take some photos to share in your journal!

Other activities
I am attaching some outdoor activities from the woodland Trust which has an excellent website for outdoor activities that you can use. 



Guided Reading
Another short Roman text attached below.


Write a diary entry in your journal.









Home Learning Resources

Dear Parents,

Please find below a letter detailing some of the home learning tasks that you could undertake at home with your child.

Also included are some resources and links that may be helpful for you to use.

These will be updated as necessary.