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Shark Class

Welcome to Shark Class!


Shark Class

Sharks Class is made up of children in years 5 and 6 who are taught by Mrs Green. Shark classroom is also an Elliott Hut, but it is located on the school field.




Who’s Who?

Mrs Trish Green – Teacher

Mrs Cooke - Learning Support Assistant 


                                                                                                                                                            Peta Byte Award


What’s it like to be in Shark Class?

It’s cool! We are a friendly, hard working, supportive and cooperative team of children and adults. Our class is calm yet fun, exciting and interesting! We enjoy a wide variety of challenging work and are always striving to improve, pushing ourselves to reach our targets.

We are given a lot of responsibilities which we really enjoy! We help set up assemblies and acts of worship, including the technology! We get to represent the school in a variety of sporting tournaments! We go to Kilve Court for a two night residential and do exciting outdoor activities!

Autumn Term 2018- we are studying the topic of Adventurers and Explorers. 

Many of our Y6 children completed their Bikeability Training! See the photos below.

Just before half term we really enjoyed a Music enrichment week during which we did African drumming, vocal games, learned a Cuban song, designed and made percussion instruments and took part in a percussion orchestra. See the photos below.

We have been really enjoying our Shackleton topic. We have written biographies and fact files, poems, diary recounts, stories and newspaper reports as well as doing chalk pastel work on Antarctic landscapes.

See our Christmas Jumper and Christmas Dinner photos below.

Spring Term we are learning about Evolution and Inheritance in Science and linking our English to this topic. We are starting by looking at dinosaurs, fossils and having a trip to Dinosaurland Fossil Museum in Lyme Regis to learn about these and evolution.

We had a fabulous trip and are in the process of writing letters to thank Steve for looking us after us so well and for opening his museum especially for us! See photos below.

We enjoyed World Book Day, dressing up as book characters and having a one hour sponsored read. Thank you for sponsoring the children so generously. Also we enjoyed our Light and Colour enrichment week and making our willow deer and heron. 

Well done to Phoebe for winning the Easter poster church competition - all posters and children featured in the parish Magazine. 







How do we make sure the children are learning?

We try to be as creative as possible in our topic based planning so that teaching and learning is both purposeful and fun! We encourage a sense of achieving and are all involved in our target setting and getting. Working walls, for Literacy and Numeracy, and colourful interactive displays aid learning and progress.

Assessment for Learning is of paramount importance and informs all the teaching and learning in the class room . It takes many forms such as reflection, questioning, dialogue, peer marking and self evaluation. Thus our groupings are extremely fluid and can change on a day to day basis! All the children know what they need to do to improve and move forward. Targets are regularly set and monitored and we have a house point reward system as well as raffle tickets. Focused marking gives clear next steps and practice feedback. Regular termly tracking meetings between the teacher and Head teacher/SMT/SENCo are held to check pupil progress.

SATS prep is focused but relaxed and not to the detriment of our creative curriculum. It is linked into our usual work where possible.

Partnerships with parents.

Shark Class has an open door policy and the parents are most welcome to come in before or after school to talk to the teacher and often help in the classroom with special projects such as Art and D and T, cookery. They also come in often to talk about their work or areas of expertise, and deliver lessons or projects, when it links into our curriculum. Children’s targets are sent home regularly and twice yearly parents’ evenings are arranged to discuss pupil progress.


World Book Day

World Book Day 1
World Book Day 2
World Book Day 3
World Book Day 4
World Book Day 5
World Book Day 6
World Book Day 7
World Book Day 8
World Book Day 9
World Book Day 10
World Book Day 11
World Book Day 12
World Book Day 13
World Book Day 14
World Book Day 15
World Book Day 16
World Book Day 17
World Book Day 18
World Book Day 19
World Book Day 20
World Book Day 21
World Book Day 22
World Book Day 23
World Book Day 24
World Book Day 25
World Book Day 26
World Book Day 27
World Book Day 28
World Book Day 29
World Book Day 30
World Book Day 31
World Book Day 32
World Book Day 33
World Book Day 34
World Book Day 35
World Book Day 36
World Book Day 37
World Book Day 38
World Book Day 39
World Book Day 40
World Book Day 41
World Book Day 42
World Book Day 43
World Book Day 44
World Book Day 45
World Book Day 46
World Book Day 47
World Book Day 48
World Book Day 49
World Book Day 50
World Book Day 51
World Book Day 52
World Book Day 53
World Book Day 54
World Book Day 55
World Book Day 56
World Book Day 57
World Book Day 58
World Book Day 59
World Book Day 60
World Book Day 61
World Book Day 62
World Book Day 63
World Book Day 64
World Book Day 65
World Book Day 66
World Book Day 67
World Book Day 68
World Book Day 69
World Book Day 70
World Book Day 71
World Book Day 72
World Book Day 73
World Book Day 74
World Book Day 75
World Book Day 76
World Book Day 77
World Book Day 78
World Book Day 79
World Book Day 80
World Book Day 81
World Book Day 82
World Book Day 83
World Book Day 84
World Book Day 85
World Book Day 86
World Book Day 87
World Book Day 88
World Book Day 89
World Book Day 90
World Book Day 91
World Book Day 92
World Book Day 93
World Book Day 94
World Book Day 95
World Book Day 96
World Book Day 97
World Book Day 98
World Book Day 99
World Book Day 100
World Book Day 101
World Book Day 102
World Book Day 103
World Book Day 104
World Book Day 105
World Book Day 106
World Book Day 107
World Book Day 108
World Book Day 109
World Book Day 110

Dinosaur Fossil Land!

Dinosaur Fossil Land! 1
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 2
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 3
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 4
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 5
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 6
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 7
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 8
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 9
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 10
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 11
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 12
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 13
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 14
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 15
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 16
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 17
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 18
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 19
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 20
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 21
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 22
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 23
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 24
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 25
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 26
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 27
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 28
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 29
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 30
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 31
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 32
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 33
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 34
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 35
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 36
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 37
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 38
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 39
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 40
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 41
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 42
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 43
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 44
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 45
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 46
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 47
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 48
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 49
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 50
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 51
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 52
Dinosaur Fossil Land! 53

Christmas Jumpers and dinner!

Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 1
Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 2
Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 3
Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 4
Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 5
Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 6
Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 7
Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 8
Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 9
Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 10
Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 11
Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 12
Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 13
Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 14
Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 15
Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 16
Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 17
Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 18
Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 19
Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 20
Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 21
Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 22
Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 23
Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 24
Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 25
Christmas Jumpers and dinner! 26

Our instruments!

Our instruments! 1
Our instruments! 2
Our instruments! 3
Our instruments! 4
Our instruments! 5
Our instruments! 6
Our instruments! 7
Our instruments! 8
Our instruments! 9
Our instruments! 10
Our instruments! 11
Our instruments! 12
Our instruments! 13
Our instruments! 14
Our instruments! 15
Our instruments! 16
Our instruments! 17
Our instruments! 18
Our instruments! 19
Our instruments! 20
Our instruments! 21
Our instruments! 22
Our instruments! 23
Our instruments! 24
Our instruments! 25
Our instruments! 26
Our instruments! 27
Our instruments! 28
Our instruments! 29
Our instruments! 30

percussion orchestra

percussion orchestra 1
percussion orchestra 2
percussion orchestra 3
percussion orchestra 4
percussion orchestra 5
percussion orchestra 6
percussion orchestra 7
percussion orchestra 8
percussion orchestra 9
percussion orchestra 10
percussion orchestra 11
percussion orchestra 12
percussion orchestra 13
percussion orchestra 14
percussion orchestra 15

vocal games

vocal games 1
vocal games 2
vocal games 3
vocal games 4
vocal games 5
vocal games 6

African drumming

African drumming 1
African drumming 2
African drumming 3
African drumming 4
African drumming 5
African drumming 6
African drumming 7
African drumming 8
African drumming 9
African drumming 10
African drumming 11
African drumming 12
African drumming 13
African drumming 14
African drumming 15
African drumming 16
African drumming 17
African drumming 18
African drumming 19


Bikeability! 1
Bikeability! 2
Bikeability! 3
Bikeability! 4
Bikeability! 5
Bikeability! 6
Bikeability! 7
Bikeability! 8
Bikeability! 9
Bikeability! 10
Bikeability! 11
Bikeability! 12
Bikeability! 13
Bikeability! 14
Bikeability! 15
Bikeability! 16
Bikeability! 17
Bikeability! 18
Bikeability! 19
Bikeability! 20
Bikeability! 21
Bikeability! 22
Bikeability! 23
Bikeability! 24
Bikeability! 25
Bikeability! 26
Bikeability! 27
Bikeability! 28
Bikeability! 29
Bikeability! 30
Bikeability! 31
Bikeability! 32
Bikeability! 33
Bikeability! 34
Bikeability! 35
Bikeability! 36
Bikeability! 37
Bikeability! 38
Bikeability! 39
Bikeability! 40
Bikeability! 41
Bikeability! 42
Bikeability! 43