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Each week we are setting five challenges for YR, Y1 and Y2 children.  Pick which ones you'd like to do or do them all!  Feel free to extend if your child is interested as the challenges are just to get you started!  If you have any inspiring pictures or stories that your child would like to share, please email Mrs Day so some can appear in The Heron Times!


Challenge 1 - BIRDS!

Choose a time to sit quietly and count how many birds you can see in your garden.  If you put out some bird food you might encourage more to appear!  Don't forget to leave a bowl of fresh water out so they can drink and take a bath! 

Download a sheet from the RSPB or make your own. https://www.rspb.org.uk/globalassets/downloads/kids--schools/teaching-resources/bsbw-under-5-counting-sheet You might like to record the birds in a tally and show your results in a chart so you can clearly see which birds visit your garden a lot.

The second part of this challenge is to make a bird feeder out of things you would normally throw away or put out for recycling.  You could use an old plastic bottle but think about what bird food you will need and how the birds will get to it.  You might like to design and plan it before you start making it and evaluate it when it's finished to see how it could be improved.  We'd like you to see how good your bird feeders are and which attract the most birds!  It is also a big thumbs up as you will be reusing something that would normally be chucked away, so it's very environmentally friendly!


Challenge 2 - Prayer Stone

When you are next digging about in your garden or out and about on walks or at the beach, choose a nice round, flat stone.  Just take one stone if you are at the beach so there are plenty left for other people to enjoy.  Wash your stone and leave it somewhere sunny to dry. 

Have a think about a special prayer or wish that you would like to put on your stone.  Maybe it's a prayer for people you know or people in other parts of the world, or maybe it's a special wish for North Curry or our school.  There's lots happening in the world at the moment, so it's good to think about how you are feeling and other people.  It will be fun to make a special stone that other people will see and you might cheer lots of people up!  

Get some paper and draw around your stone - make sure the stone isn't too tiny - and then plan on the paper how you would like to decorate it.  You might like one word or a sentence, or lots of decoration.  You could then use paint or permanent pens (sharpie pens are good) to get to work.  When it is dry you might like to get a grown-up to varnish it so that the rain won't smudge your work.

When you are next walking about in the village, find somewhere to leave your stone outside the church so that other people can see it.  Don't leave it on the grass in-case they need to use the lawn-mower.  Maybe near the porch would be a good place.


Challenge 3 - Nature Picture

When I was little, I used to love art programmes on TV like Take Hart and Art Attack!  My favourite bit was when they made big pictures on the ground using objects from around the house or natural materials.  

You could go for a walk and look for natural materials like wood, feathers, shells, stones, leaves and flowers (check what you are allowed to use as some things, like flowers, might not be allowed).  Draw a rectangle on the ground in chalk or put down a large piece of paper and lay your found objects down to make patterns or a picture.  Take photos as you can use the same materials to make different pictures.  I like doing boats and people.

You could also use objects from around the house - with permission - like pots and pans, cutlery, toys, clothes and shoes etc to make a big picture on the floor.  Try making a car with saucepans turned upside down as wheels!  I wonder what else you could make!


Challenge 4 - Ourselves!

Draw a picture of yourself and label parts of the body.  Can you identify the parts of the body that associated with our senses?  For example, what part of the body do we use to hear? Did you know that some creatures, like cats and snakes, have a special sense that we don't have, called the Jacob's Organ. They can sort of taste the air!

Have a look at yourself in the mirror and then look at a photo of when you were a baby.  What has changed and what is the same?  Can you make a list?  Have a look at the grown-ups in your house - how have they changed?

You might like to imagine what you'll be like when you're a grown up!  Can you draw a future portrait of yourself?  How about a picture of when you're really old, like even older than Miss Colling?!  Will your hair be the same colour?  Will you need a walking stick?  Some very old people are very fit and healthy and run marathons and go sky-diving!  What interests and hobbies do you think you'll have when you're grown up?


Challenge 5 - Music

I know we have some great dancers, singers and musicians in our school!  Choose some music to listen to and join in with an activity.  https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/ks1-music/zbcjscw  You might like to record yourself singing or making some music of your own!  You could even have some music ready for when you show off your art-work or bird feeder (but don't scare the birds away!).  


Have fun everyone and don't forget that The Heron Times might like to hear about what you've been doing!


Please look after yourselves and stay safe. 


Our World


KS1 Curriculum Overview Summer 2020

Home Learning


This is a very uncertain time for everyone (parents and children) and being happy and healthy are the most important things at the moment. Please take care of yourselves and do not worry or stress too much about the 'learning' part. Keep it fun and manageable. We hope that the resources on this page will support you and give you ideas about how you can support your child at home (academic and well-being). We will do our best to update it daily for you. Mrs Day's ELSA page also has lots of lovely resources for supporting mental and emotional well-being. Please use their blue book to record any brilliant home learning or any other note book, exercise book or folder you have. 


Thank you for all your ongoing support. We know you will do are all doing a fantastic job and are really enjoying receiving your pictures and emails. We are missing Seahorse Class lots. Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you need any further advice or support via the office email address office@nc.huish.education (just put the teacher's name in subject box). We are very happy to help!


Take care

Miss Pople, Mrs Salt, Mrs Morley and the Seahorse Class Team


*Please do not spend more than 20-30 mins on each of the activities below. Please spend the rest of your days eating, sleeping, playing, being outdoors, reading, creating, exploring and spending time with your family.


Show and Share


On Fridays we would normally have a Show and Share Assembly.

If there is anything that you are proud of and would like to share on our class page (with parents' permission) send a quick message or photo by email to the school office (put Miss Pople or Seahorse in the subject box) and I will pop them up as a slideshow. Please could you make sure that you write 'for show and share' so that I know you are happy for me to share it. 

Welcome Back!

We hope you have had a wonderful half term break and enjoyed the exceptional weather! 


Some of you are returning to school this week and some of you are staying at home. Either way we have lots of lovely things for you to be getting on with. 


Enjoy and don't forget to send pictures to the office of what you have been up to. 



Week commencing June 1st


Please use the link below to watch and join in with the RWInc. Set 3 Speed Sound Sessions available via Facebook or Youtube at 10.30am or 1.30 pm. Please continue to recap all of your Set 3 sounds (sent home). Once your child is really secure on knowing and reading with all of their Set 3 sounds: ea oi a-e i-e o-e u-e aw are ur er ow ai oa ew ire ear ure tion tious/cious (you could check using the slides below) then you can spend more time focussing on spelling using these Set 3 sounds. The spelling sessions follow the Set 3 sound session at 10.45am. 








Challenge Words




Useful Links and Resources


Handwriting - letter formation

It is really important that we keep checking pencil grip as incorrect pencil grip can make fingers, hands and arms uncomfortable, especially as your child starts to write more. The pencil should be held gently between the thumb and index finger of their chosen hand and then rest or be supported by their middle finger (often called a tripod grip or grasp). Children might still have slight variations in this but regular gentle reminders will really help. 


In Year 1 we learn that there are 4 different groups for correct letter formation: curly caterpillars, ladder letters, one-armed robots or zig zag letters. These groups mostly focus on the way you start the letters. 


zig zag letters (this way then that way): v w x z

ladder letters (straight down): t u i l j y

curly caterpillars (round): a c d e f g o q s

one-armed robots (down then up and over): r p h k b m n



BBC Bitesize have some great videos and some lovely activities. Please use the links below. 





Tricky Red Words/Common Exception Words

Mr Bulbeck's Home Exercises Key Stage 1 PE



Fitness and exercises you can do in your home or garden.


*Star Jumps

*Spotty Dogs


*Touch Jumps ( touch the floor and jump up high)

*Running on the spot




*Shapes (long and thin)

*Star (long and wide)

*Tuck (small)

*Straddle (bend at hips, legs straight and arms with arms shadowing)

*Pike (same as straddle with legs together)


Balances (large and small body parts)

Create sequences using the above shapes and balances as well as jumps and rolls.


These are good websites for more ideas








In Seahorse Class we start off most days with a brain break and a check-in. We have a feeling thermometer in our class which we use to recognise and share how we are feeling and why.

  • Can you use the Zones of Regulation (above) to tell Mum and/or Dad how you are feeling now and why?
  • Ask Mum, Dad, your brother or sister which zone they are in.
  • You could use the Zones Tracker (below) to see how your feeling change during the day. 
  • Make a toolkit (attached below) or a box of things that will help you to feel calmer when you are in the yellow or red zones. 


*Parents: Remember to keep narrating how you are feeling and what strategies you are using (you could use the Zones to help you) e.g. 'I am in the yellow zone because I just dropped the milk... I think I will take 5 deep breaths to help me' or 'I am in the green zone because you helped me to tidy up'. It feels odd to start  but gets easier the more you do it - I promise! This will help them learn how to express how they are feeling and give them lots of tools and coping strategies that they can use. 


Read Write Inc. - Set 3 sounds


Brilliant news! From Monday, Read Write Inc are going to be streaming live set 3 speed sound lessons daily for the next 2 weeks. All children in Seahorse Class are working on either reading or spelling using their Set 3 Sounds so this would be really useful for everyone. The sessions can be accessed via Youtube (link below) or Facebook at 10.30am and again at 1.30pm. I would highly recommend planning these in to your days if at all possible. 



With most children now accessing lots of their learning online it is increasingly important that children (and parents) understand how to stay safe when they are using technology. ELIM have a useful poster to help remind children how to build healthy habits with technology. 




Please remember to encourage children to use child-friendly 'safe' searches like the ones below. 



The most important thing that you can do to support your child's learning at home is to continue to read every day. This could include: school books, home books, library books, e-books, magazines, recipe books, instructions, signs and labels or ideally a mixture of them all. Don't forget to discuss any new vocabulary and model asking and answering lots of questions (Who? What? Where? Why? When? Which? How?). Oxford Owl have a lovely selection of free e-books https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/ . All you need to do is register (for free) and search for your child's book band level (colour) or RWInc. Level (colour). If you are not sure, have a look at the books in their book bag. Please continue to practise their Set 3 sounds sent home over half term. 

Play is a huge part of what we do in Year 1 and a very important part of learning. 

Please use the links and websites below to get some ideas or use your own incredible imagination to enrich your child's play. I will keep adding to the list.


Picture 1

Welcome to Seahorse Class!






Miss Pople - Monday, Thursday and Friday

Mrs Morley - Tuesday

Mrs Salt - Wednesday

Mrs Perry -Teaching Assistant (am)



Giga-Byte Award



About Us


This Year, Seahorse Class is a fantastic bunch of happy, friendly and eager Year 1s. We are feeling very grown-up now!

We are very proud of our work in Seahorse Class and enjoy showing off the clever things we can do. We love to have fun with our friends and work together. The classroom is always busy; whether we are drawing, exploring, painting, reading, singing, role-playing, modelling, writing, investigating, counting, problem solving or using the computers. Lots of our learning is through play and exploration (especially in the afternoons). We are encouraged to be as independent as possible, from sorting out our own book bags, snacks etc in the mornings to selecting resources to support our own learning. The displays in our Classroom help us to learn, including our Working Walls, which we use during Maths and English. The Working Walls remind us what we are learning today, our long term aim and have lots of examples and vocabulary that we can use in our own work.


The adults in Seahorse Class work with us in small groups and help us to achieve our 'next steps'. We discuss and reflect on our learning every day and are encouraged to peer-assess and self-assess our work regularly.



The displays of our work are changed regularly and parents are always welcome to come and have a look at what we have been doing. There are two parents' evenings during the year which give parents opportunities to discuss our progress. In our cloakroom there is a 'Wonderful Writers' board where we celebrate our amazing writing. Each week, we give a certificate to someone who has been working really hard in our 'Show and Share' assembly on Friday.



On Fridays, we are given one piece of Maths homework (in our orange homework files) to support our learning at school that week. Please complete this and return the file to the homework tray as soon as it is completed so that we can mark it.


It is important that we read at home regularly too! If we read 5 times during a week we get a golden ticket. At the end of each term a golden ticket is picked at random to decide who will win a book token.


As part of our RWI sessions we are given a few spellings to practise at home each week.