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Learning Strategies


At North Curry Primary School we place the highest emphasis on teaching our children to read. To enable us to have a consistent approach to the learning of phonics and reading, we use a high-quality phonics programme called Read, Write Inc. Each day, children are taught phonics, reading and spelling for one hour following the programme. We regularly hold parent information meetings to explain how you can support your child at home and have an open-door policy if parents wish to discuss their child's learning. Once children have progressed through the Read, Write Inc programme, they are ready to read independently and develop higher order reading skills. Teacher-led guided reading sessions take place every day in Key Stage 2 and we use a motivational programme to support independent reading called Accelerated Reader.



We have a clear Maths calculation policy which enables the same strategies and methods to be taught across the school. The Maths Calculation Policy is available below. We begin every day with a Numeracy session, timetable allowing, and also have an extra Maths facts session each day in which fluency is the focus. Number bonds/facts and times tables learning is a priority throughout as well as mental calculations. We firmly believe in teaching for depth and the whole school cover the following themes in this order - place value; calculation - addition and subtraction, multiplication and division; fractions, decimals and percentages - until the children are secure and ensuring a sideways stretch into reasoning and mastery for those who are able. The White Rose planning order is is used as a guide for topics and a wide range of resources and schemes but no particular one is focused on by the whole school. Apparatus is used extensively to embed concepts to go from concrete to pictorial to abstract when learning. 



Maths Calculation Policy