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Online Safety Information

We all take online safety very seriously. Technology in our lives is ever increasing and as a result, this could create more opportunities for concern over safety and security in our homes. However, equipping ourselves with the knowledge and understanding to stay safe online will give us the power to manage any risks proactively and positively.


We believe it is really important to build positive and healthy habits with technology. At school, we encourage these progressive habits included in the eLIM online safety Active Bytes curriculum.


Yellow = EYFS                Pink = KS1               Orange = LKS2                Green = UKS2

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As schools are currently under a temporary closure, there will inevitably be an increase in a dependence in technology in order to access home learning or indeed home working! It may be a positive discussion to have a look at a ‘Family Agreement’ for the safe and healthy use of technology at home. Below is an example family agreement that you could adopt or adapt to suit your own family.

Safe Searching


You may want to consider the use of safe search engines for children to use when undertaking research tasks. While every effort is made to ensure that these search engines produce appropriate responses, it is of course essential to monitor children’s use of the internet.


It is crucial to encourage open and honest discussion should children come across something that makes them feel unsure or uncomfortable. Every class in school strongly encourages the message that children must talk to a trusted adult if they come across something online that they are unsure about or that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Further Information

Below are some links to documents and websites that may be useful to families regarding online safety at home.

If you are a parent or carer, we hope you will find the many web links below useful. The links on these pages take you to external websites. Although the sites have been checked for suitability, the school cannot be held responsible for their content and parents are advised to make their own checks.