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Minnow Class

Welcome to Minnow Class!


Minnow Class is the best class in the school!  


We are grown-up Reception children in Minnow Class.  Our teacher is Miss Colling and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Tottle. Our classroom is in the main building near the office and we have our own outdoor area and private doorway to the sensory garden.  There are 22 children in our class.


In September, we had a staggered entry based on age, and children were all full-time by 2nd October 2017. We spent time getting to know each child and provided play and learning opportunities based on their interests. The start of the new year was an exciting time for Miss Colling and Mrs Tottle who visited each child at home to have a chat and play with favourite toys!


We are very proud of our achievements and enjoy learning to be independent and creative.  Sometimes we work with grown-ups in small groups and other times we learn by exploring our own interests and fascinations. The grown-ups make observations and help us get better at our learning.  


We are very lucky to have caring parents who support us at home with our learning. We have a learning wall in the cloakroom where our parents write 'wows' to celebrate our fantastic work at home and school.  Come and look!


Minnow classroom is always busy and we love to try new things.  We are looking forward to more exciting learning and adventures this term!  


Please feel free to come and have a chat if you have any worries or if your child has developed any new interests at home.  We would love you to send in photographs for your child to show the class (eg with pets or favourite toys, having adventures, daily life etc).  It's really important to us that your child is happy and enjoys their first year in school.


Mega-Byte Award