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Meet the School Council

The School Council are currently looking at ways of raising vital funds for the school. Some of us are Trainee IT Technicians who help support computing and IT in the school.

Why we're here and what we do!


Our School Council helps to make sure that:


  • The school is a safe, happy and fair place to be.If you have problem you can tell them and something will be done.

  • Pupils learn problem-solving skills.

  • Pupils get to have the chance to have a say in making decisions for the school.

  • Pupils learn about voting and making sure it is fair.

  • Pupils learn about asking everyone what they think (consultation) on issues like behaviour and rules.

  • We look after our school and its grounds.

  • Pupils are involved in organising projects.

  • Pupils improve skills such as speaking, listening and debating (discussion).

  • Pupils have the chance to organise a budget.

  • Pupils are prepared for citizenship.