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Key Stage 2 Links

Key Stage 2 Links

Please click on the image to access the website. Enjoy the games and please let us know if there are any problems!!

Games Links

Space Hangman Lasso the correct word definition Year 6 spelling adventure 
Polar Jump! Think about the angle and how far you want to jump!! The Warehouse Lego related fun and games 
CBBC games. So many games, such little time! Try the Horridly Heroic Name Generator- so funny! Christmas Games


Numeracy Games


Array game- can you work out the matching x sentences with the arrays?

100 Square to experiment with.

Times table grid game- very handy for learning your timestables.

 Demolition Devision

A great game for practicing your division but be quick! Rearrange the numbers to make division sentences against the clock! You really need to know your times table facts!  Times Tables Triangles

Drag Race Division 

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication andDivision games!! Telling the time games- several links to choose from! Play against friends and see who can go fastest!
Frequency Charts game with Dick and Dom Create a graph game- create any type of frequency graph Fraction Games
Which shape goes with the net? Games including 3D shapes pairs, Symmetry Sort and more!  Do these shapes have any lines of symmetry? Can you count all the lines of symmetry to score 100 points? 
Balloon Pop- race against the clock to pop the fraction balloons in order! Fractions pairs- play with a friend Area and Perimeter games

Billy Bug Co-ordinate game 1


  Billy Bug Co-ordinate game 2


 Literacy Games


Literacy Games about genres What type of sentence? Correctly identify the sentences to win the game. A variety of sentence games
Help understanding the different types of sentences!  Can you think of a comma sandwich for these characters? Create your own adventure story with these ideas!!