School Council

The School Council are currently looking for ways to improve our school. We currently have eight teams.

The Digital Leaders (supported by Miss Bown) are looking at ways in which we can help children stay safe online.

The Charity Champs (supported by Miss Colling and Mrs Salt) have designed a Children in Need competition to raise more funds for this worthwhile cause.

The Worship Warriors (supported by Mrs Morley) are leading collective worship on a fortnightly basis and are going to be using the ‘Lighting the Candle’ resource to help further improve Collective Worship.

The Eco Pirates Team (supported by Miss Cordwent) have designed a competition to reduce waste in packed-lunchboxes.

The Media Team (supported by Ms Harris and Mrs Green) continue to produce the Heron Times on a monthly basis.

The Sports Stars (supported by Mr Bulbeck) are hoping to improve sporting opportunities throughout the school.

The Wellbeing Champions (supported by Ms Harris) help support the children with a buddy system and are promoting special events with a wellbeing and mental health focus including assemblies and charity events.

The Creative Crew (supported by Ms Limm) plan to make a display of children’s artwork outside.

Why we’re here and what we do!

Our School Council helps to make sure that:

  • The school is a safe, happy and fair place to be.If you have problem you can tell them and something will be done.
  • Pupils learn problem-solving skills.
  • Pupils get to have the chance to have a say in making decisions for the school.
  • Pupils learn about voting and making sure it is fair.
  • Pupils learn about asking everyone what they think (consultation) on issues like behaviour and rules.
  • We look after our school and its grounds.
  • Pupils are involved in organising projects.
  • Pupils improve skills such as speaking, listening and debating (discussion).
  • Pupils are prepared for citizenship.