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Visions and Values

Our School Vision for 2018


A broad, balanced, challenging and exciting curriculum, which allows all children to reach their full potential in a happy, stimulating, inclusive and safe environment.


Relationships between pupils and adults caring, valued, supportive, trusting, honest and one built on mutual respect where adults lead by example in line with the ethos of the school.


The ethos is one of which is stimulating, safe, welcoming, positive, exciting; children are active and motivated learners, developing learning for life in a Christian environment.


Pupils are happy, engaged, hard-working, motivated, confident, determined, well-mannered, respectful of others, caring, well rounded citizens and willing to contribute to all aspects of school life.


To have outstanding and punctual attendance with all children wanting to be there.


A learning environment which is welcoming.  It is stimulating, exciting, interesting, enabling, safe, creative, motivating, promotes independence, enriching and also caters for all learning styles.  Most importantly, it is fun.


The outdoor environment is stimulating, multi-sensory, colourful, friendly, welcoming, safe and rich with resources which are used effectively.


A curriculum which is creative, engaging, motivating, child-led, enriching, inclusive, broad, meets everyone’s needs, flexible, achievable for all, owned by the pupils and promotes links with our local and global communities.


The pupils’ full potential is achieved.


All pupils receive individual, targeted and tailored support which meets their physical, social, academic, mental and emotional needs. This includes outstanding links between school and home.


Purposeful opportunities are provided for all staff to develop with up to date and relevant training.  All staff are performance managed effectively and through this, opportunities for development are discussed.


Parents are supportive, work effectively in partnership with the school and assist with their child’s development. The school utilises the skills of parents and the cultural diversity. The contribution of parents is valued by school.


North Curry is viewed as a positive, welcoming, friendly and outstanding school that is over-subscribed and integrated in the community.


The school encourages strong, purposeful and well established links and relationships with other schools including, pre-schools, local primary and secondary schools and schools in other countries, sharing practice and expertise.

             Our Mission Statement


Our aim is to provide a safe and creative environment based on our Christian foundation, in which individuals are valued. 



The Aims of Our School


North Curry C of E Primary School is a church school and as such, are principle beliefs and values are derived from the foundation of the Church of England.

We aim to create a happy, welcoming and stimulating environment where each member of the school community feels valued and cared for, both as an individual and as a member.


We aim to: 


  • Enable each child to reach their full potential in all aspects of the school curriculum.

  • Provide children with an education appropriate to the world beyond the classroom.

  • Develop in children a love of learning, a pride in work well done and a desire to expand their knowledge and skills throughout life.

  • Help children learn to live together in a community and to become responsible independent people, who are able to think deeply about the world around them and to respect other races, religions, ways of life and points of view.

  • Develop in children a positive sense of moral responsibility giving them the self-confidence and skills to express their opinions.

  • Offer each member of the school community an experience of Christian life and worship.

  • Value and foster links with and between home, school, parish and the wider community.

  • Further develop our status as a health promoting school and foster anawareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.


The school works in partnership with parents to fulfil these aims.