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St. Peter and St. Paul



Vicar  - Rev. Tricia Staple - 01823 490255

More information can be found via 'A Church near you'.

Know locally as the 'Cathedral of the Moors'.


St Peter and St Paul Church plays an important role in school life. The Rev. Tricia Staple takes regular assemblies at school and also runs an after-school club called Allsorts. We also celebrate the main Christian festivals by visiting St Peter's and St Paul's for church services. At the end of the year we visit the church for our Year 6 Leavers' Service which is taken by Mr Braund and Rev. Staple.

Picture 1
Picture 1

Harvest Celebrations!!!!

Harvest Celebrations!!!! 1
Harvest Celebrations!!!! 2
Harvest Celebrations!!!! 3
Harvest Celebrations!!!! 4
Harvest Celebrations!!!! 5

Head Teacher's Commissioning Service

Head Teacher's Commissioning Service 1
Head Teacher's Commissioning Service 2
Head Teacher's Commissioning Service 3
Head Teacher's Commissioning Service 4

Christmas Service

Christmas Service 1
Christmas Service 2
Christmas Service 3
Christmas Service 4
Christmas Service 5
Christmas Service 6

Open The Book Assembly

Open The Book Assembly 1
Open The Book Assembly 2
Open The Book Assembly 3
Open The Book Assembly 4
Open The Book Assembly 5
Open The Book Assembly 6
Open The Book Assembly 7
Open The Book Assembly 8
Open The Book Assembly 9
Open The Book Assembly 10

Remembrance Sunday Service

Remembrance Sunday Service 1
Remembrance Sunday Service 2
Remembrance Sunday Service 3
Remembrance Sunday Service 4
Remembrance Sunday Service 5
Remembrance Sunday Service 6
Remembrance Sunday Service 7
Remembrance Sunday Service 8
Remembrance Sunday Service 9