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If you would like to come and visit our school please phone the school office and make an appointment. Mrs Morley will be delighted to show you around the school and answer any questions you have.


Admissions are handled by Somerset County Council direct. You can contact them on the following telephone number:  0300 123 2224 or visit the website at www.somerset.gov.uk/admissions for information on how to apply to start school or to make an in year admission.


Our PAN (Planned Admission Number) is 21.


The admission arrangements can be viewed on this page; http://www.somerset.gov.uk/policies-and-plans/policies/school-admissions-policy/.


Early Years Foundation Stage


Before your child is due to start, please visit us so that you can take a preliminary look at the school. In the Summer Term, before they start, new entrants are invited into the school to experience taster sessions in class. Where possible our EYFS class teacher visits pre-school settings to meet the children or makes home visits.


At North Curry, EYFS aims to make the transition into school as smooth and quick as possible. The children are divided into groups of six usually based on age. The first group will attend mornings only for the first week and then full time from then on. The second group will attend mornings only from the second week and then full time and so on. After the induction period, we encourage all pupils to attend full time. However, it is sometimes necessary to extend part-time attendance for those children who are still under five years old and for whom a full day is too long.


It is a great help, particularly to the children's confidence, if by the time they start school they are able to;

  • Go to the toilet without assistance

  • Dress and undress themselves (with a little help if necessary)
  • Understand simple verbal instructions

All children are encouraged to bring a healthy snack into school.


On the first day of school, it would be useful for you to bring your child into school and for them to have;

  • PE kit in a bag with spare underwear in case of accidents
  • A small flask or sports bottle full of water to drink in class time
  • A waterproof coat for unexpected damp weather