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North Curry Primary School Academy Conversion Summary
After extensive deliberation at meetings and governor attendance at various Academy events during the course of 2016 (see previous minutes) the governing body unanimously agreed for the school to convert to an Academy on the 28 March 2017. As part of this process it also discussed and consulted extensively on the choice of Multi Academy Trust that the school should join (see previous minutes and conversion documentation). Again the governing body agreed unanimously that the school should join Richard Huish Trust. The application to convert was submitted to the Department for Education in July 2017. Discussion and consultation with parents and the Diocese of Bath and Wells took place through the summer and autumn of 2017. In November 2017 the Diocese indicated their support for the conversion with the granting of conditional consent for conversion.
The Regional Schools Commissioner and Head Teachers Board approved the application at their meeting on the 11 December 2017 and subsequently have informed the Local Authority of their decision in order that the Local Authority can commence conversion arrangements. Governors did ask that they be consulted again about the timing of conversion once consent had been approved hence this particular short summary and recommendation.
Given the length of time this process has taken, the sense that the school needs to now move beyond this process, the potential financial benefits of joining RHT at or close to the same time as West Buckland School (who have agreed a 1 April 2018 conversion date) and the discussion that took place at the last Business Committee meeting there would appear to be considerable support for a conversion date of the 1 May 2018. This is currently the earliest possible date that the Local Authority and the Department for Education will be able to complete the necessary work for conversion.  
From the1st May 2018 North Curry School is officially part of the Richard Huish Trust. For more information about the trust, please visit their website: www.richardhuishtrust.co.uk